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DIPLOMAS COUNT - Maine's Graduation Rate - Revised
Ed Week 2007
(See Page 5)
PowerPoint Presentation
by Dr. Lynne Miller, USM
To USM Faculty Senate

 Student Aspirations and Readiness for College
PowerPoint Presentation
by Dr. Lynne Miller, USM
To State Board of Education

Maine's Educational Pipeline Silent Epidemic Paying Double
Maine's Report Card   Maine's Calls for Action
US Chamber of Commerce
Report Card
Maine's Education Challenges  Maine's Business Needs

Get Maine Students out of their BOXES! 
Help fuel the Creative Economy with Creative Workers!
MAC's Handout at the Juice Conference















     Many children in Maine are now underserved in Maine's public school system.  The above links demonstrate how Maine children are at risk of not being successful in their educational careers, a primary indicator of their success in other aspects of their lives.

     Public charter schools will give these children and their parents a crucial choice in where they attend school, based on their individual needs and not on political and financial boundaries.

     Maine continues to have significant numbers of high school drop-outs - estimates were recently revised from an 87% graduation rate to about a 74% graduation rate. Increasing numbers of students at all grade levels have a wide variety of special needs. Maine has the highest poverty level among children of the New England states, and that puts many children at risk of school failure right from the start.

     Businesses are concerned about the skills of many students who do graduate from HS, and provide remedial training in reading, writing and math for large numbers. Many Maine HS graduates do not go on to post-secondary education, and of those who do, about 40% drop out within 2 years.


Did You Know?

Competition from charter schools has been shown to increase composite test scores in traditional district schools.

Source: BusinessWire



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